written by the groom

This tale of love begins long ago,
On a quiet golf course, covered in snow.
Chelsey and Alex, friends newly made,
Danced in the cold, as they laughed and they played.

Each one of the kids felt a warmth for the other,
Glad they had chosen to spend the day with one another.
They rolled down hills, and threw balls of powder,
Laughing and yelling, louder and louder.

The play continued, and just joking around,
Chelsey tackled Alex, and they fell to the ground.
Alex now on top, their faces filled with bliss,
The brave young boy, snuck in for kiss.

And that was the beginning of this high school affair,
Alex so handsome, and Chelsey so fair.
The two held hands, and talked through the halls,
Their young love growing, within the school walls.

Until, at last, graduation was near,
Alex and the Senior class, yelling with cheer.
Chelsey tried with all her might to be glad,
But knew that Alex would soon leave, and that made her sad.

The day had come, for Alex to leave the state,
The two love birds, nervous for their fate.
Alex took Chelsey in his arms, as she sat there and cried,
He gave her a promise: “This isn’t goodbye.”

The next year was tough, Alex miles away.
Chelsey didn’t have her boyfriend, to laugh or to play.
They talked each night, for hours at a time,
These calls all they had, of a love once sublime.

The months went on, Alex at college and Chelsey back at home,
Each faithful to the other, their gaze never roamed.
This time apart, while unbearable it seemed,
Strengthened their love in ways they never dreamed.

And finally, the hardship was at an close,
For upon her own graduation, to Alex, Chelsey goes.
The two reunited, together at last,
They laughed and they played, like no time had passed.

Over the next few years, many things changed,
Classes, apartments, even friends were exchanged.
But there was one thing that always held true,
The two kept loving each other, no matter what, through and through.

Four years had passed, since they first kissed in the snow,
So much had happened, since that day long ago.
Chelsey now owned a business, and Alex got his degree.

The two were doing so well, it was easy to see.

Alex got a job, back up in Seattle with Boeing,
And the two moved once again, their love ever growing.
They picked an apartment, just outside the city,
They now had a home, so quaint and so pretty.

Things soon settled into a respectable routine,
Alex at work, Chelsey at home with her computer and caffeine.
Day in and day out the two remained happy with each other,
So thankful that they had fallen in love with one another.

Until suddenly, when out of the blue,
Alex received an email too good to be true.
A job offer that could give him fortune and fame,
And signed at the bottom was “Google”, the company’s name.

Excited to move down to the palm trees and sun,
The two packed up their apartment, with laughter and fun.
All told, the move was made in less than three days,
So eager was the couple to move to The Bay.

Alex now worked for the best company around
While Chelsey’s business brought clients abound.
Alex knew of only one thing that could make life any better,
“It’s time to make Chelsey mine for forever.”

He went to Tiffany’s, the expense didn’t matter,
And bought a big ring so Chelsey he could flatter.
He called her dad, to seek his approval,
Then left work early, apologizing for his removal.

He raced home and told Chelsey to wear her finest gown,
For he would be taking her out for a night on the town.
The two left for San Francisco, Alex had a spot in mind,
A beautiful Palace, preceded by a restaurant of just the right kind.

After the dinner had finished, the two walked in the dark,
Until they had arrived at the Palace of Fine Arts.
The sun was setting, and the scene was just right,
So Alex reached in his pocket to bring the ring into sight.

“Will you marry me?” Alex asked, down on one knee,
“Yes,” Chelsey said, smiling with glee.
And the two kissed like they’d done that time long ago,
When they first met each other that day in the snow.